Friday, October 8, 2010

Super Saturday

October 23 9-2
 Lunch will be served.

Here are the fun crafts that we have planned for Super Saturday:

Rolling Pin
You provide your own paper, or choose from our selection of donated paper.

Felt Bracelets
Comes in many color choices.
Glass Nativity
Includes the Glass Block and Vinyl.
There will be a selection of fabrics to choose from.

Funny Things Kids Say Book
What the inside looks like:

Washer Necklace
Includes 2 washers and white leather cord.

Crayon Rolls
See Below for fabric choices.
The finish crayon roll's fabric is not an option.
There are only a certain number of each fabric.  If it gets over the number of fabric had, I will try to come up with a good alternative option.  I will ask for people to change if this is needed.
 Fabric Choices:
Glass Etched Pans
You bring your glass pans.
Choose from the fonts:
Let Jessica Bills ( know what you would like to order.  
Money is due by the 17th of October. 


  1. I know I am not in your ward, But I would love to make a crayon roll with the owl print:)I will totally drop money off for you. let me know if this is a possibility:-)

  2. I am so JEALOUS! I want to come. Jessica- I am still waiting on those blocks. j/k! I miss all you girls so MUCH!!!!